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7 Deeds Distribution LLC is based in Detroit, Michigan. We are a leading supplier equipping individuals and businesses with innovative products to grow their business. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our employees, customers, and community.  Through our core businesses, brands, and philanthropic projects, we are committed to providing support to our community in seven key areas of passion including:


1. Creating jobs in Detroit, Michigan

We believe that quality paying jobs allow residents to provide for themselves and their families. As a result, this reduces the amount of crime in the city related to an inability to provide. Through our business, we ensure we are creating quality paying jobs in the city of Detroit.

2. Job preparation and readiness assistance

Jobs provide a means for people to grow, learn, support the community, and provide for themselves and their families. We believe that every person should be equipped with the necessary tools and resources to compete for the best jobs available. 


3. Improvement of public school eduction and resources

The public school education system in Detroit has face many challenges over the past 15 years including: over 200 school closures, an over 64% decrease in student enrollment, a system bankruptcy, and control by state-appointed emergency financial managers. These issues among others have contributed to students performing approximately 30 and 35 percentage points below the state average in Math and Reading, respectively. 7 Deeds Distribution, provides supplies and resources for the Detroit Public School Community District to help close educational gaps.


4. Access to and education on healthy foods, meals, and groceries

7 Deeds Distribution provides foods and supplies to ensure that Detroit residents have access to quality meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

5. Access to health and fitness programs through the reopening of recreation centers

We strongly believe in the benefits of physical activity on one's mental and physical health in addition to their social development. Over the past 15 years, several recreation centers in the city of Detroit have closed, leaving many children, senior citizens, and other adults no safe spaces to be active. We are developing plans to reopen recreation centers with our profits.

6. Support and resources for returning citizens

We strongly believe that citizens returning to the community from incarceration deserve an opportunity get started on the right track, with the right resources to assist them from returning to prison again. 

7. Economic development and financial literacy

A lack of personal finance and wealth building education has resulted in many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, accumulating unmanageable debt, and a dependency on credit cards. We believe that training and education in this area will help people, businesses, and neighborhoods thrive. We also strongly believe that when people are financially stable, they are able to give to those in need more freely.

Many of our products and services aid in these areas and a portion of our profits go directly to support these causes.

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